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Other Aggregate Projects

The Corporation has a number of Aggregate projects, all located in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta in close proximity to major oil sands or infrastructure projects. These include the following:

  • Logan Aggregate Operation
  • Pelican Hill Aggregate Operation
  • House River Aggregate Operation
  • Emerson Pit

Logan, Pelican Hill and House River are located southwest of Fort McMurray, and west of Conklin, Alberta. The Emerson Pit is located in the Hinton, AB region.
Logan pit is located approximately 160 km south of Fort McMurray. As a result of road conditions, the Logan pit 80-acre property will only be suitable for operations during the winter months. The Corporation received approval to develop this pit in early 2010. On February 21, 2012 the Corporation announced National Instrument 43-101 Resource Calculations for the Logan aggregate deposit. The "indicated" aggregate include 1,357,000 tonnes of gravel and a further "inferred" quantity of 662,600 tonnes of gravel. The quality of the aggregate materials has been determined suitable for road construction and maintenance.

This pit contains very little vegetation, topsoil and overburden, and could be prepared for mining extraction within a few weeks upon receiving aggregate orders. Access to the Logan pit is provided via an existing county winter road that runs through the site. Aggregate from this pit will be supplied primarily to oil sands and government infrastructure projects in the area.

House River pit is located approximately 11 km east of highway 63 on the House River. In addition to supplying the oil sands market, this location is ideally situated to supply gravel for the highway 63 twinning project. During August, 2011 the Corporation received SML approval from the Alberta Government, to develop an open pit mine on the leased area, comprising 32.375 hectares of land for a term of ten years. On February 1, 2012 the Corporation announced the first sale of asphalt aggregate from the House River pit. Athabasca will supply 253,500 tonnes of asphalt aggregate to a major road building contractor in connection with the twinning of Highway 63, north of Wandering River, Alberta.

Pelican Hill pit is located approximately 70 km southeast of the Hamlet of Wabasca, where heavy petroleum is produced. The Corporation received SML approval in June, 2011 on this 79.7 acre mixed sand and gravel pit. While the proposed development of this property has not been established to date, the Corporation expects to supply aggregate from this property primarily to the oil
and gas industry, as well as for government infrastructure projects in the area. This pit will be available for year-round aggregates extraction and sales.

The Emerson pit is located approximately 27 km southeast of the community of Hinton. The Corporation has the right to produce the aggregate from the 75 acre (30 ha) mixed sand and gravel pit. The Corporation expects to supply aggregate from this property primarily to the oil and gas industry and its partners for use in infrastructure projects in the area.